filing a dispute with credit bureau
filing a dispute with credit bureau
filing a dispute with credit bureau

A "service" CRC often offer is to challenge all negative reports, which does nothing more than waste your time and money you pay for.
If you have had legitimate credit problems in the past, you are more than twice as likely to be a victim of reporting errors than someone who has not had any problems.
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When you talk with a credit repair company, you make your life easier on the whole because you will gradually start getting out of debt, repair your credit and live the life you deserve with a good credit ranking.

Obviously you can always try to complete your repairs on your own too, but in the interest of efficiency, the employment of a specialist can be something to consider.
Even though it seems that this could be too much work to handle, not dealing with such problems causes your credit rating remaining the same for up to seven years.
According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumers can challenge errors in their credit report for free.